Rein Automotive has built its reputation on providing OE-quality replacement parts for European vehicles. Our offerings have always focused on giving the market access to full programs of products that are commonly replaced on vehicles.

But what about those problematic parts that have a high failure rate on some vehicles, but not on others? That's where our Rein First Aid program comes in. By offering a solution of parts based on repair frequency rather than by product group, this program guarantees you'll always have the parts professional repair technicians need to replace most often — in stock.

In other words, with our Rein First Aid program there's only one place repair technicians will have to look to get the parts they use the most — your place.

First Aid
  • Axle Boot Kits
  • Brake Hoses & Kits
  • Fuel, Oil, & Coolant Caps
  • Brake Hoses & Kits
  • Shaped Breather Hoses
  • Switches, Sensors & Relays
  • Transmission & Oil Cooler Hoses
  • Turbo Pipes
  • Power Steering Boots & Boot Kits