Since a vehicle's suspension system carries weight, absorbs and dampens shock, and helps maintain tire contact, servicing this system properly is essential. When it comes to vehicle stability and control, there is only one line of parts that offers the quality and support professional repair technicians and drivers need - Rein Automotive.

Because these parts are subject to some of the most brutal forces on the road, it is very important that replacement suspension parts have the same form, fit, and function as the parts with which a vehicle was originally built. Just like every part that carries the Rein Automotive name.

For Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche, Saab, Volkswagen, and Volvo from 1990 onward - the current Rein Automotive Suspension Parts program includes:

  • Ball Joints
  • Camber Struts
  • Control Arms
  • Sway Bar Links
  • Tie Rods (entire, end, and inner)