Rein Automotive now offers a select line of European water pumps and kits. After consulting with industry experts,we discovered there was a need for a quality replacement solution in the market. That’s why CRP Automotive partnered with DOLZ, a worldwide leader in water pumps, to bring you a water pump both you and your customers can have confidence in.

Rein offers several complete water pumps and water pump kits that can include the thermostat assembly, temperature sensor, and/or hose. Some pumps even offer the option of metal or plastic impeller. Rest assured, all our water pump bearings match the OE design and materials for minimal thermal expansion and low noise. The internal seals are made of silicon carbide used for high-pressure resistance and noise reduction. They also come with OE-quality gaskets to prevent leakage after installation.

  • Industry-leading warranty: 4 years/50,000 miles
  • 40 SKUs for European applications, 13,000,000 total VIO (US and Canada)
  • Choice of plastic or metal impeller material on select SKUs (critical due to engine design/extreme hot weather conditions)

CLICK HERE to view the current Rein Automotive water pump offering.

CRP is first to market with a problem-solver water pump kit (part #WPL0016) for the Audi/Volkswagen TSI 2.0L 2008-2015 (US and Canada – excludes SULEV, super ultra-low emission vehicles), which includes the complete assembly plus hardware and OE balance shaft belt (a recommended change based on professional repair technician experience).